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Service Availability Policy

Last Updated: October 26, 2023

Please see our Service Update Policy for information about when and how we update our service, including when these updates may involve planned service unavailability.

Overall system availability

Our goal is to limit the time that the service is effectively unavailable to less than 2 hours a month, whether or not the unavailability was unplanned (99.75% uptime). We consider the service to be effectively unavailable if any of these are true for more than 5 minutes

  • More than 25% of attempts to access the service fail
  • Performance degrades at least 10x for more than 25% of user actions
  • One cannot execute this basic LIMS workflow, regardless of configuration: create order -> receive sample -> complete test workflow -> approve and deliver patient results report

In such a case, or in the event that our service is impaired in some meaningful way, but not effectively unavailable, we will communicate the situation and our response via You can subscribe there to receive these updates.

Resolving production incidents sometimes involves making service updates, for which we will follow the policies described in our Service Update Policy.

You can request a formal incident report after a production incident from

Availability and performance of specific operations

For some operations that take a variable amount of time, there is an informal service-level agreement (SLA). When the operation exceeds that SLA, we will notify you.

  • Outbound fax delivery: Assuming a valid fax number that is available (including not being “busy”), faxes will usually be delivered within 60 minutes but will always be delivered within 6 hours.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, you can contact us via email at